Hydraulic Hybrid

A hydraulic hybrid vehicle (HHV) uses an internal combustion engine and a hydraulic motor to power the wheels.  Basically, the hydraulic system captures the energy when the brakes are applied. This energy is subsequently used to propel the vehicle the next time it needs to accelerate.  This is called regenerative braking.

The hydraulic hybrid system consists of two key components that converts kinetic energy into reusable potential energy.

  • Accumulators –  High pressure hydraulic fluid vessels used to store pressurized fluid.
  • Hydraulic drive pump/motors –  the hydraulic drive uses the pressurized fluid to rotate the wheels. The hydraulic drive re-pressurizes the hydraulic fluid by using the momentum of the vehicle.

A Hydraulic Hybrid has –

  • Higher Fuel efficiency
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Better acceleration performance

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