Squirrel-Be-Gone III Bird Feeder Keeps the Raccoons and Squirrels Out

racconsquirrelbirdfeederFor the past two years we have hung numerous bird feeders off our deck hoping to attract and enjoy the diverse array of backyard birds in the mountains of North Carolina. Unfortunately, regardless of the type of feeder and attempts at greasing the feeder poles, the local wildlife – raccoons, squirrels, even bears –  would eat every last bit of the feed as soon as the sun went down.

Finally we have found a feeder that the creatures can’t pillage – the Perky Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone III Bird Feeder.

20150520_073215Five days ago we filled our new Perky Pet® Squirrel-B-Gone III Bird Feeder, which I purchased at Ace Hardware on sale for $35.00.  So far, only birds have consumed the bird feed.

We wondered if the raccons had just not discovered the feeder yet.  But this morning, just before the sun came up,  I looked out on my deck and saw a large, fat, grey, hunchbacked raccoon, schlepping and pacing under my Perky Pet®-Be-Gone III bird feeder.  He couldn’t get to the feed.  Soon, he disappeared over the side of the deck; hopefully not to return.


squirl-be-gone3.jpg squirrel-be-gone5.jpg squirrl-be-gone6.jpg