April Inside and Outside Home Checklist

It’s April. Sunlight warms your winter-weary yard and shines through your home’s windows; spring is here.  Soon, this welcome sunshine will beckon you to declutter, clean and maintain your home so that it is ready for a carefree summer.   A good first step is to organize and upgrade your cleaning tools: buy a new broom, and a fresh bottle of cleaner, new gloves. Next, to help with the decluttering process, set aside two large boxes; labeled donate and sell.  Below is an April home checklist, to assist you in the task of preparing your home for warmer weather.

Your April Home Outside Checklist

  1. Clean out your garage and organize your outdoor supplies.  
  • Inspect, organize and upgrade your tools and lawn care equipment.
  • Discard hazardous items such as unused paint, motor oil at your local recycling center.
  • Tune up your lawn mower.  Clean the grass clipping and dirt from the mower.  Check and replace, if needed, the spark plugs, fuel filters, and oil.  The tank should be drained and filled with new gas because over-time, ethanol-based fuel turns to varnish, which clogs the fuel line and carburetor.  Inspect the mower blades and replace those that are dull.  Grease the wheels and every fitting. Clean the inside and outside of your gas grill with a nylon brush, wooden scraper or grill-cleaning cloth and soapy water. If there is rust, gently remove with steel wool.  To prevent rust, consider painting your grill with a rustproof metal paint.  Clean out the grease traps, which may catch on fire if left unattended.  Finally, stock up on fuel and keep you grill covered for long-term protection.
  • Set up outdoor rooms – patios, deck chairs, etc.

2. Outside Cleaning

  • Clean and repair your home’s gutters and downspouts because clogged gutters will cause water to pool, potentially damaging the roof and siding.
  • Wash the winter grunge and road salt from your home’s siding with a regular garden hose or power washer and an attachment to dispense soapy water.
  • Clean the dirt, water spots, and bird droppings from your windows and sill with window cleaning solution.
  1.  Outside Inspections

  • Check sprinklers and irrigation system for leaks and pressure problems and clean the nozzles and sprinkler heads.
  • Inspect your wood decks and fences for damage that may have occurred over the long winter.  Once repaired, maintain the quality of your wood structures by staining and resealing each spring.
  • Inspect asphalt and concrete paths and driveway for cracks and other damage that may have occurred due to repeated freezing and thawing and then schedule repairs.

Your April Home Inside Checklist

  • To keep your cooling system at peak performance, prevent future problems, and avoid unwanted costs, schedule a cooling-system maintenance.  If you use window air conditioning units, change the filters.
  • Before installing window screens and doors, wash with the garden hose and inspect for holes and rips, which a simple screen patch kit can repair.  
  • Clean Windows and consider new window treatments for a fresh look.